Jonny Bling - Coustomer service sucks very rude and argumenitive employees and management

Seattle, Washington 0 comments
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yyour bussiness sucks i went thereand got coupons and they would not evan honor them i had to augre with the manager for 15 min and the employees were being very rude and and laughting at me horriable service you guys suck thats nit how you treat paying coustemers i will tell all of my friends that awful experince i had at your store in everett on everegreen way i feel like i have been discreimenated againt and i would like you guys to fix this problem yopu should not allow your employees to laught at dissatified coustermers that is not a good way to earn good reviews and have a good reputation not happy at all people that pay for you prodiuct should be treated with respect remember coustemers are always right

Review about: Horrible Service.

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